Increased cardio fitness and muscle tone.
Promotes weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.
Drastically lower your stress levels.
Improved confidence and self belief.
Learn to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Our classes regularly help people like you get fit, gain confidence, lose weight and become an accomplished Martial Arts practitioner.

From day one you should notice a change within yourself, initially that warm satisfying buzz of endorphins rushing through your body and the muscle soreness that will undoubtedly follow the next day. However, within just a few weeks you can expect to see your fitness and stamina to improve and within just a few short months you will notice a change in you and your body shape.


Our adults Kickboxing classes aren’t just about health and fitness though, we will teach you this exciting sport in detail from the ground up, something you just won’t get with ‘kickboxercise’ or ‘combat aerobic’ style classes. We also teach you realistic self defence, hopefully, you’ll never need it but one day it may just help you protect yourself or your loved ones.

Whatever your reasons for attending are, we ensure that each week you will face new and exciting challenges in a fun and relaxed environment. You may be reading this and thinking to yourself “I’ve heard it all before” but what if this time it was different and this was exactly what you were looking for?

You’ll never know until you try so rather than take our word for it, come along and have a go!

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